My Project

Why I chose to translate ‘Los Surcos del Azar’.

I decided to choose this topic due to my interest in reading graphic novels. I decided that I wanted to translate something I enjoyed reading, as I felt that this would come across in my translation.Having previously done projects on many topics which I didn’t enjoy in the past it was nice to be able to choose something that I had a more a personal  connection to.

I am familiar with graphic novels which have been written or translated into English and therefore felt that due to already having a knowledge of the type of vocabulary used in this context, this type of translation – that of a graphic novel- would suit me.

‘Los Surcos del Azar’ is a Spanish graphic novel that was written and illustrated by Paco Roca. It is a tribute to all the people who left Spain rather than giving into Fascism during the Civil War. The novel itself tells the tale of Miguel Ruiz, a Spanish republican exiled to France, who fought in both the civil War and World war II as part of ‘La Nueve’, a regiment of the French army in world war II.

Throughout the novel Miguel recounts his memories of the time he spent as a soldier and tells the tale of how he left Spain to settle in France to the cartoonist Paco, who records his memories.  

Sources for my Project

My entire project is based on Paco Roca’s graphic novel ‘Los Surcos del Azar’. Since I was translating only this novel, I didn’t use any other sources.

However, after reading the novel I decided to do some extra reading on the Spanish Civil War and the Spanish involvement in World War II because I had little knowledge of this part of history prior to starting this project.

Intended Function of my Text

I would like if my target text was used as an introduction for those who want to learn more on the history of Spain. Before this project I was oblivious to the involvement they had in large aspects of modern history, since this project I have been reading more on Spanish history and it has impacted my views on what is happening in current affairs. Without knowing the history of Spain it was difficult for me to sympathise or fully understand the reasoning behind many of the stories that we hear in the News today.

By reading my target text, which is an introduction to part of Spain’s history, I hope that this will encourage people to pick up the original graphic novel, and by doing this hopefully they will be more inclined to research more history and deepen their knowledge of Spanish affairs.